About Us

Fifty years ago when Dr. James Mason brought the idea for an academic program built around sports administration to Athens, one could hardly predict the level of complexity that the sports industry has become today. Through the years, the sports industry has continued to evolve, becoming increasingly global and more complex in its approach to business.

As such, Ohio University’s Center for Sports Administration was founded to serve as a resource to solve the increasingly difficult issues facing the industry and serves as a platform, bringing together various constituent groups associated with the Ohio University Sports Administration Program. Each of these groups benefit from the Center’s unique arrangement.

Alumni of the program can come to the Center for solutions to issues that present particular challenges to their organizations. The Center will then use its resources at its disposal to find workable solutions to these challenges.

Current students enrolled in the SAFM program will be given the opportunity to research solutions to industry challenges while applying the skill that he/she has acquired throughout their two-year course of studies in the MBA/MSA program. Through their research efforts, students will increase their knowledge base, while building their own personal networks.